About Us

International trade is increasingly bringing suppliers and consumers throughout the world closer together. As this continues to increase, so will importing and exporting, proving that the world as a whole is a huge market. As world imports and exports increase, it is increasingly important to move goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. We Unicorn International are a Sea & Air cost efficient and reliable international Freight Forwarding Company with its head office located in Cairo, Egypt in the heart of the Middle East, we offer our range of services to all our clients all over Egypt. Unicorn International aims to be a respectful partner to its customers, providing logistic services to business of any scale .We aim to support our customers' export and import transactions, by means of our experience in complex or unusual traffic, by providing the most convenient logistic and customs-related solutions guaranteeing a service which takes care of these issues. We respond swiftly and flexibly to all business and adapt ourselves briskly to the changes in our operating environment. For us no task is impossible, from the smallest parcels to the largest cargo projects, all receiving the same professional treatment. Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to obtain the best and maximal solution to their logistics requirements

There is always an amount of governmental regulations regarding the transport of goods across national boundaries, for this our staff is well equipped in the many technical aspects of Egyptian Government regulations, Commerce Department licensing requirements, transportation documentation, foreign governmental forms, international collection and banking procedures.

With great motivation and unlimited prospect to future business, our company awaits your orders. We continually prove to our clients our responsibility, management reliability, speed and safety. That is why we are proud to say that we have always offered our clients quite a distinctive and excellent service, and we have managed to create a strong client base.

Unicorn’s team of motivated, experienced and well trained “transport-specialists” have wide expertise on all aspects of international freight forwarding, extensive experience in the business and high qualifications in the management of importing and exporting products, all types of customs procedures, national and international transit logistics, and storage of temporary and customs deposits which are all at your service anytime.

We always do our best in order to increase our market share and increase the number of our clients by showing them our best services with our best rates at the best times (swiftly and efficiently) because that it is our ….


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